Spam Filters
We send email to our Members.
Please note that it is a condition of your Send A Blessing membership that we be able to email you.

When we email our
Send A Blessing members, we may use one of several email addresses (listed below). We suggest you configure the addresses listed below as allowed email if you are using a Spam Filter in your browser.
Our email addresses are:
membership and renewal confirmations and reminders; password reminders
notifications when eCards are sent and received; information about new eCards
responses to help requests
sign up
Select your email preferences.
You can control which emails you receive from us. Simply make sure you are logged-in as a Member. Select the My Info button located under your name in the main menu, and use the checkboxes provided at the bottom of the page.


AOL Users
If you use AOL to receive email, you can remove a block on our email as follows:
2. Press Enter

...then for AOL 8 /9

3. If you are using a Custom Sender List, add our email addresses (at left) to your list.


Allow email onlyfrom people I know
4. Add our addresses to your Address Book or Buddy List

...then for AOL 5/6

3. Select either:
Allow email from all AOL members, and only from the listed...


Allow email from the listed AOL members, Internet domains and addresses
4. Add our email addresses (see above) to the Allowed list.