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What charming little girls in Prayer of Thanks! And how fitting to have the very first Thanksgiving commemorated by recalling the peaceful sharing meeting between America's first peoples and the Pilgrims! A timely sentiment, beautifully expressed. And...Dance of Bliss is the most stunning yet! I was entranced by its gorgeous gold costume and glittering headdress, its swirling passion-filled dance and its hypnotic music
Congratulations on your wonderful site.

Laura H., Lay Preacher
Ontario, Canada

The Dance of Bliss card is incredible. Powerful, artistic, well timed, well balanced use of artistic elements, brilliant use of special effects. I love the cosmic setting of the card - you effectively transported him into the heavens. And a thousand other compliments. Brilliant. Beautiful.
Pierre H., Minister
Beirut, Lebanon

I have sent dozens of Send A Blessing cards to friends, family members and co-workers. As far as eCards go, I've had the most comments ever about how moving and beautiful the cards were. This is the next generation of eCards--like sending miniature films complete with fantastic music, fascinating video and wonderful animation. I would recommend Send A Blessing to everyone I know! It is just so much better than the old one-dimensional eCards.
Lisa S., Vice President
Security Company, Toronto, Canada

Dance of Bliss is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL I found it so moving, this dance of Shiva. So moving, and so inspiring.
I dance sometimes in the yoga studio when I'm alone expressing what I can of this, but it's so wonderful to see an amazing dancer dancing this way, and the costume is amazing and the headdress is perfect (I'm so glad there's that one shot of his profile) and the way it all comes out of the Shiva sculpture in the beginning...and last but definitely not the least, the filming and editing is incredible!
Thank you so much for putting all the energy into this that I know you did because the end result is so beautiful.
And thank you for giving me an inspired beginning
of my day, after Martin Luther King Day and waking up thinking I want to be a part of his dream....
This is part of it.

Dev Saroop Kaur, Musician & Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Sag Harbor, New York


Send A Blessing’s artistic genius comes shining through in every eCard and each one has left me with goose bumps. Thank you for bringing such beauty, bliss, and innovation to the eGreeting world — I love your company.
Kristina E., ESL Professor
Florida, USA

Honestly, I was blown away by
Waterlily. I just sat there and played it several times. It felt like being on retreat!
Dhyan A., President
Small Business Consulting Firm

Thank you for the beautiful eCard
Dance of Bliss. I congratulate you in following your passion and for sharing the light and many possibilities of love with others!
Datch B., Shamanistic Healer
Boulder, Colorado

Dance of Bliss is truly beautiful! You are really talented and I think your email cards are really unique.
Vonda G.
San Antontio, Texas

I was very impressed with the eCard
Promise. It was great. I am confident you will do well in your endeavors with this concept.
Ron H., Parole Officer
Colorado, USA

I sincerely appreciate
Send A Blessing's wonderfully crafted video cards...I am impressed by your careful and thoughtful designing of the eCards, delivery, ways to help connect people...your helpful spirit...And I do my share of amateur video shooting / editing, and know first-hand what kind of effort goes into each of these eCards you are doing.
Eduard S., Software Engineer


Thank you very much for these wonderful eCards! I sent them already to my husband, my clients, and friends. Send A Blessing is really super!
Antje A., Couple's Therapist
Köln (Cologne), Germany

Sat Nam back to you, your eCard Dance of Bliss is a Wahe Guru!
Daya Singh K., Financial Agent
Boulder, Colorado

Thank you so much for the eCard Ma. I have tears running down my face. It was so beautifully done. I loved how you conveyed the mother-daughter lineage. Really touching.
Anjali N., Psychotherapist
Colorado, USA

Dance of Bliss is gorgeous! Your cards are very inspirational and I really enjoy them. This one and Prayer of Thanks have been my favorites. I really like the initial fade from the statue to the dancer.
Lara W., Mathematician
Denver, Colorado

The eCards are beautiful, great work. You really have a strong stylistic signature. I love Promise.
Thomas B., Musician / Composer
California, USA

My partner and I just love your work and creativity. You have truly been blessed with gifts from God... and the benefit of the Peace and Serenity to use your gifts in such creative and powerful ways.
I am impressed with your Hindu dancer in
Dance of Bliss and the description of the creation of this dance. WOW!!
New City, New York