Commercial Use

Conditions for Using Company Name
If you own or work for a company and you wish to send eCards from our site, you may do so provided that you comply with ALL of the following conditions:
Condition 1
You must sign the eCard with your name. You may use your company name after your own name, but you may not sign any eCard with your company name alone.
Condition 2
You must send the eCard from a personal email address, e.g., NOT a generic email address such as or similar.
Condition 3
You may send the eCard ONLY to clients, vendors, and other contacts whom you know personally by name and who would welcome an eCard from you.
Condition 4
No advertising is allowed. Your message to the recipient MUST NOT INCLUDE any inducement, solicitation, or encouragement to purchase your products or services.
Condition 5
Your message MUST NOT INCLUDE your telephone number or website address. SPAM and Blacklist detectors look for such information in message contents.

Spam Prevention
Send A Blessing is committed to preventing our eCards being perceived as spam or unsolicited commercial email, or being blacklisted by service providers who may block eCards being sent by our Members.

We encourage you to send as many eCards as you wish from our site; however, if you are planning to send a large volume of eCards, please note that we have certain controls built into our web site to prevent spamming.

These include:

1. A limit of 100 stored addresses per member.

2. A limit on the number of eCards you can send in a given time period.

3. A limit on the number of times a personalized eCard can be viewed.

These limits permit reasonable use of our eCards for personal correspondence and help protect our members.