Allow Pop-Up Windows

Send A Blessing uses pop-ups to:
•  preview or review our eCards
•  add or edit an Address Card

If you cannot see our eCards, or "nothing happens" when you try to Add a Recipient on the Personalize an eCard page, please follow the instructions below.

Check Internet Security Settings
If you have Internet Security installed, you may need to adjust your ad blocking settings. Here is just one solution, to give you the idea:
Norton Internet Security

1. Launch Norton Internet Security.
2. Select Utilities.
3. Select Privacy Control.
4. De-select Ad Blocking (allow ads).
5. Click Close.
6. You may need to restart your computer.

Adjust Your Browser Settings
Most pop-up blockers allow you to unblock pop-ups on specific web sites such as Send A Blessing.

Here are instructions for common browsers:

Internet Explorer 6

1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools.
3. Click Pop-Up Blocker.
4. Click Pop-Up Blocker Settings.
5. In "Address of Web site to allow:" add
6. Click the Add button.
7. Click Close.
8. Quit and restart Internet Explorer.

Netscape Navigator 8.0

1. Launch Netscape and navigate to
2. Click on the small "shield" on the Website tab.
3. Select "I Trust This Site."
4. Click Done.


1. Launch Safari.
2. Click the Safari menu and uncheck Block Pop-up Windows
Select Apple + K on your keyboard.

Firefox—Windows (PC)

1. Launch Firefox.
2. Click the Tools menu and select Options....
3. Click the Web Features icon on the left.
4. Click the Allowed Sites button on the right.
5. Add
6. Click the Allow button.
7. Click OK to close window.
8. Click OK to save your preferences.


1. Launch Firefox.
2. Click the Firefox menu and select Preferences....
3. Click Web Features.
4. Click the Exceptions button.
5. Add
6. Click the Allow button.
7. Click OK to close window.
8. Click OK to save your preferences.


Closing Pop-Ups
Click the close marker to return to your previous web location:
PC = X upper right
Mac = red X upper left

Pop-Up Quick Fix
Hold down your CTRL key while you click on an eCard thumbnail (at left).

What is a pop-up?
A pop-up window is a separate internet browser window, which appears by "popping-up" overtop of the current browser window.
What is a browser?
A browser is the application that lets you “surf” the internet, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari, and Firefox.

If you are not sure which browser you have, simply look at the top left corner of your screen.